The Importance Of Utilizing Unstructured Data

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Data are not all created equal. There are structured (machine-generated) and unstructured (human-generated) data, and each requires a different approach. As a result of the increased use of digital applications and services, unstructured information is growing rapidly. 80-90% of company data is unstructured, and it continues to grow at an alarming rate per year.In this episode of The Analytic Mind Podcast, Sam McKay speaks with Kirk Marple, the founder, and CEO of Unstruk Data. Hear about the hidden value in unstructured data and how it impacts the future of data and analytics.Kirk Marple is a Customer-focused Technology leader with extensive expertise with cloud-based microservices, scalable multimedia data ingestion, knowledge graphs (entity extraction/enrichment), machine learning and computer vision integration, and CPU/GPU-based file and data processing workflows. He is highly skilled at architecting and managing teams developing APIs and scalable services, leveraging on-premise and cloud infrastructure, generating significant cost savings, and supporting revenue growth for startups through Fortune 25 companies.Unstruk Data, is a company that is building the industry’s leading Unstructured Data Warehouse for automating data preparation via metadata enrichment, integrated compute, and graph-based search. Unstructured data can include anything from audio to visual data, and Kirk explains that analytics can be done on geospatial and temporal unstructured data. Then by using machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is possible to generate knowledge graphs based on this data.
What You’ll Learn From This Episode
  • Kirk’s motivation to build a media management tool for data scientists and for productionizing machine learning.
  • Understanding what Unstructured Data is and why it is valuable to businesses if analyzed correctly.
  • An overview of Unstruk Data, how it differs from other unstructured data platforms, and upcoming enhancements.
  • Managing and turning challenges into opportunities in sales and marketing.
  • Interesting applications and use cases of the technology.
Key Takeaways

There are companies sure, that build something that looks almost identical to what we have. But typically, it's only connecting one thread or maybe only deals with images or maybe they only deal with documents. We're trying to be a lot more generic and that it's like, we want to crack up. I mean, audio and data and documents and CAD drawings and 3d point clouds. I think that's a big value proposition for us.” – Kirk Marple

“It's not actually about maybe a few years ago, you felt like you needed to learn all of the theory and you needed to become like the world's greatest data scientists, but probably it's almost like just like layering on blocks now, like building a stack and knowing how that stack all connects together is probably going to get you to where it needs to go faster and is probably all you need right now. Like it's like rebuild everything from nothing.” – Sam McKay

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