The Value of Data Analytics with Adam Heppe

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Sam McKay

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In this episode, Adam Heppe talks about how analytics tools can help showcase the value of analytics, but having the right mindset is important more than anything else.He also talks about overcoming the challenges of legacy systemswithdata lakes and provides techniques on howyou canmonetize yourdata assets.
What You’ll Learn From This Episode
  • Do analytics tools help to showcase value?
  • At the end of the day, analytics is a mindset more than anythingelse
  • User engagement is about showing data as relatable andunderstandable
  • Always lead with facts
  • The importance of having a strong data structure or strong governance inplace
  • Integrating data from legacy systems todata lakes
  • How to deal withinfrastructure vulnerabilities
  • How to structure your data lakeandmake it accessible to self-service users
  • Monetizingyourdata assets
  • Trends in the analytics space
About The Show

The Analytic Mind podcast provides an opportunity to learn from a diverse range of global data leaders. Hosted by Sam McKay, CEO of Enterprise DNA. Covered will be a range of data and analytics topics keeping you up to date with recent trends, organizational challenges, and opportunities for innovation in this exciting space.