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Here you will be able to download the following External Power Tools:

    Quick Measures Pro - Easily create measures or calculated columns in Power BI Desktop
  • Includes over 200 DAX measure formulas, allowing you to quickly and easily create measures or calculated columns in Power BI Desktop
  • More than just additional quick measure formulas, Quick Measures Pro allows you to set metadata properties for measures and columns such as the display folder and custom format string
  • Even better, Quick Measures Pro allows you to create your own custom DAX calculation definitions that you can then save and reuse between data models
    Power Sort Pro - Automatically find and mass set Sort by columns
  • Power Sort Pro is specifically designed to work with the Enterprise DNA extended date table and can also find Sort By columns via basic pattern matching.
    Metadata Mechanic Pro - Automatically generate and mass set the metadata for tables, columns and measures
  • Quickly and easily set date formats, hidden columns, number formats, column alignments, and field summarizations all at once
  • With just a few clicks, move every measure in your data model to a central measures table (or any other table(s) you designate)
    DAX Editor Pro - A full-featured, lightweight replacement for the featureless native Power BI DAX editor
  • Full editing features - autocompletion, search and replace, 1-click measure creation from existing measures, dark mode and other theme choices, one-click commenting/uncommenting and more
  • Robust debugging capabilities- integrated DAX debugger to help you quickly identify and fix problems with your code, one-click "debugger comma" format, and built-in DAX formatter
  • Ability to set data category, description, folder, format string and other properties right from within the editor
    Conductor Pro - The only tool that provides easy and comprehensive management of your External Tools toolbar
  • Easily add, remove, rename and reorder the tools on your toolbar
  • Organize your tools into groups - basically create an infinite number of toolbars
  • Easily add web-based tools to your toolbar - no more creating/editing separate JSON files
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