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Why Participate

Data Visualization is where the rubber meets the road – you can clean your data perfectly, build a flawless star schema data model, write beautiful, optimized DAX and perform world-class analysis, but if your visualizations are ineffective then your report is a failure.

In this workout, you will learn from one of the very best in the world how to effectively visualize your data analyses, findings and recommendations in an beautiful way that will immediately grab the attention of your viewers.

Workout Leader

Gustaw Dudek is recognized as one of the top Power BI developers/visualization experts in the world. He is a long-time Enterprise DNA Expert, a multi-time winner of the Enterprise DNA Data Challenge, and an extremely popular content creator on LinkedIn, where he posts frequently on data visualization topics.


Data Visualization workouts will be posted weekly before midnight UTC every Monday. Gustaw will post his solutions for each workout every Sunday.

How to submit your solution

When you have completed the workout, just post a screenshot of your final visualization(s) and upload a copy of your PBIX file.

What our Students Say
Your Instructor

Gustaw Dudek

Over three years experience in working with clients from diversified industries mostly in healthcare sector and providing analytical solutions for real-world scenarios. Experienced in creating complex operational and financial analysis including multidimensional revenues & costs analysis and simulations, business lines profitability analysis, churn rate evaluations and others).  Particularly specialized in creating interactive dashboards & reports in Power BI, with heavy emphasis on data visualization. 

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