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Why Participate

Power Query is one of the best tools available for data cleaning, preparation and transformation. It has a very well-designed UI that can tackle a large number of data problems, as well as in incredibly powerful language (M code, short for “Mash-up”) to handle more advanced transformations and the development of custom functions.

As the Excel BI nightly challenges run by Vijay Verma (a partner with Enterprise DNA) are geared primarily to advanced users, this workout will typically be at a beginner to intermediate level.

Workout Leader

Matthias Friedmann is an experienced Data Analyst, Enterprise DNA Expert, content creator (check out his excellent YouTube channel here) and a master of Power Query. He is one of the top contributors to the Excel BI nightly Excel/Power Query challenge, where he is known for his creative solutions that use the PQ interface to generate M code, which he then modifies to perform advanced transformations simply.

Gil Raviv, a former Microsoft Power Query project lead estimates that 2/3 of all data cleaning/transformation problems can be solved using this approach, which Matthias will be teaching you over the coming weeks and months in his workouts.


Power Query workouts will be posted weekly before midnight UTC every Monday. Matthias will post his solutions for each workout every Sunday.

How to submit your solution

When you have completed the workout, just post a screenshot of your flow steps and another screenshot of the outcome in the forum thread for that workout.

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Your Instructor

Matthias Friedmann

Sales Controller at Continental. Business Intelligence Expert & Excel & Power BI Pro. Experienced in planning or reporting shipments, sales, material, reimbursement, business cases, market shares, customer demand, capacity, prices, price changes, R&D estimates, business acquisition, etc. Expertise in Power Query and data visualisation.

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